Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Festive Treats for Everyone - Part 2
I think I've probably been making Krispie Treats since I was about 6...and that's a lot of Treats!  Today's post is almost a replica of the Easter Nest I made all those years ago, the only difference being the chick inside the nest.  Back in the day it was always a sugar coated chocolate egg but I've found it quite difficult tracking those it's a sugared almond instead.  Now, the idea for the chick came from Sugarbelle's bluebirds which can be found here except that we don't get bluebirds like that in Australia, so I turned them into little yellow and white chicks. I iced the beaks on with some left over orange icing, but you could just as easily draw them on with food-safe markers.  Once again, these are great for the kids to make, little hands are particularly good at squishing the treats into the cupcake cases!
For the Nests:
25g / 1oz butter
2 tblspns golden syrup / dark corn syrup
100g / 4oz dark or semi sweet chocolate
1 1/2 cups Rice Krispies
12 sugared almonds (or something similar) with faces drawn or iced
  1. Line a muffin tin with 12 cupcake cases.
  2. Place all the ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and heat in 30 second bursts, stirring the mixture well each time, until everything is melted and well combined.
  3. If the mixture is hot, allow it to cool for about 10-15 minutes...but the chocolate will melt pretty quickly so it should really only be barely warm at this stage.
  4. Place about a tablespoon of the mixture in each cupcake case and press down and out to form a shallow cup or nest shape.
  5. Push a sugared almond gently into the centre of the nest and allow to set for about 30 minutes.
  6. That's it.  You're done.  How easy was that?!

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